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Exam Schedule creating stress among Students
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The Half yearly exam for all Schools in Dhanbad will begin shortly. The exam covers almost 50 % of the syllabus of all subjects and is quite vast . With a view to reduce stress on the students , most schools like DPS, DAV etc have patterned their subjects in such a way that difficult and comparatively easy subjects are kept alternatively, besides giving atleast a day's gap between subjects. Even CBSE and the Govt. is trying its utmost to reduce stress on students .However, in case of Dhanbad Public School , Gobindpur road ,it is observed that not only difficult subjects like Maths and science are scheduled to be conducted on subsequent days , but also there is no gap between any of the subjects. As a result , the students will not be able to revise their subjects even once due to the exams slated for days one after the other , resulting in undue mental stress on the students besides affecting their morale due to poor performance . As concerned parents , the school is requested to kindly consider rescheduling the exam in such a way that there is atleast a day's gap between subjects and regrouping the easy and difficult subjects on alternate days , so that the students are not subjected to undue stress . Most Parents will be wanting the same from the school. The school will be doing a huge favour by obliging to the requests.
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